Most Welcome to the Khaplu Valley 

Khaplu is one of the most beautiful valley of Gilgit Baltistan (Pakistan).Laying approximately 100 kilo meter east of Skardu city.It was the second largest kingdom in old Baltistan.It guarded the main route to Mashaburum(Majestic peak of the Karakorum range 7821 Height), Gashaburum(11 highest peak on Earth),K2 (world second highest peak), Siachen Glacier (Third Pole) and Ledakh (India). Khaplu also known as Ghanche District.Most of the people of this valley is called Balti and their mother tongue is Balti.

In Khaplu one may find a mass of orchard around with abundance of apricot tress. River shyoke flows through the entire length of whole Khaplu Valley .         A small bazaar exists in Khaplu town and the necessary items of daily life are available here. One can also get transportation to every village and valleys of Ghanche from Khaplu. Khaplu has many historical places to visit,

 Map of Khaplu

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